Sustainable School Materials

Stone paper magic to introduce new writing habits to children.

  • moyu-sustainable-notecards
    Erasable Notecards

    Erasable stone paper notecards for endless, rock-solid creativity.

    €24,95 - €35,95
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  • moyu-vintage-design-agenda-dear-daisy-A5
    Dear Daisy Agenda

    Spring blue agenda to simplify your days, weeks and months.

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  • moyu-vintage-agenda-business-black-A5
    Business Black Agenda

    Style meets functionality to simplify your weekly planning.

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  • koos-koala-erasable-coloring-sheets
    KOOS Coloring Sheets

    Endless coloring fun with the one and only KOOS koala.

    €5,95 - €19,95
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  • recycled-felt-pencil-case-yellow
    New Arrival!
    Fairy-tale Sunrise

    Recycled yellow felt from recycled De Efteling's fairytale costumes.

    €12,95 - €26,95
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  • recycled-felt-pencil-case-red
    New Arrival!
    Note-rious Red

    Recycled red felt from De Efteling's fairytale uniforms.

    €12,95 - €26,95
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  • recycled-felt-pencil-case-black
    New Arrival!
    Steel Black

    Recycled black felt from ABN-AMRO's bank-safe work clothing.

    €12,95 - €26,95
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  • recycled-felt-pencil-case-green
    New Arrival!
    Doodle Defender

    Recycled green felt from decommisioned veteran army uniforms.

    €12,95 - €26,95
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  • recycled-felt-pencil-case-blue
    New Arrival!
    Blue Scribbles

    Recycled blue felt from KLM's grounded crew uniforms.

    €12,95 - €26,95
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  • moyu-sustainable-flipstone-sheets
    MOYU Flipstone Sheets

    Stone paper sheets with 6 holes to fit on almost any flipchart.

    €29,95 - €49,95
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  • moyu-sustainable-flipchart-for-stone-paper-sheets
    MOYU Flipstone

    Erasable stone paper flipchart to revolutionize team sessions.


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More stone paper products to make kids aware about deforestation and get them thinking about how to hack away at single-use paper.

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Classroom Stone Paper

Erasable stone paper to revolutionize school classes for good. That's right: paper is out, rock is in!

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Coloring Sheets

Endless, mess-free coloring fun with the one and only KOOS koala for young artists in the making.

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Vintage Designs
Erasable Agendas

Rock solid paper, 500 times rewritable, bound in agendas that are made to last.

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MOYU Marker Sets

Sets of markers for those who want to take notetaking to the next, colorful level.

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