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Erasable Notebooks
Back to Stone Collection

Our signature cover wipe revealing beautiful stone patterns.

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Erasable Notebooks
Nature on Rocks Collection

Rainforest vibe designs inspired by the beauty of nature.

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Erasable Notebooks
Solid Elegance Collection

Elegant and lively colors on erasable stone paper notebooks.

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Erasable Notebooks
Vintage Designs Collection

Our original cover designs passing the test of time.

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Erasable Notebooks
Limited Editions

MOYUs designed for special occasions, specific people, and awareness campaigns.

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Erasable Notebooks
Artistic Collection

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With a MOYU, you’ve got options!

Notebook Sizes

Your notebook pages will be made from sustainably produced, naturally tree-free, and 100% recyclable stone paper. You can choose between different notebook sizes:

  • A4: 210mm x 297mm 
  • A5: 148mm x 210mm 
  • A6: 105mm x 148mm
Types of Covers

When it comes to your notebook cover, you can choose whether you go for a hardcover or a rock solid premium cover:

A sturdy cover made of 700 grams recycled cardboard, slightly lighter and more subtle than the rock solid version.

A rock solid cover made of thick recycled, overlaid cardboard, for those who prefer extra impact resistance.

Multipurpose Pages

Why choose when you can have all the different types of pages in one notebook! Take a look at the pages that go into each notebook depending on its size.

A4 Notebooks Pages
A total of 32 pages: 2x to do list, 9x lines, 8x blank, 8x dotted, 5x square.

A5 Notebook Pages
A total of 40 pages: 3x to do list, 2x week planner, 20x lines, 4x blank, 4x dotted, 5x square.

A6 Notebook Pages
A total of 24 pages: 1x to do list, 19x lines, 2x blank, 2x dotted.


Personalized notebooks for business

Surprise colleagues and clients with the perfect feel-good, do-good gift: a notebook that lasts through the years and spreads the word that it's time to stand up against paper waste.

Let your creativity flow into the designs, or step back and let us work our magic.

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