Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the most commonly asked questions throughout the years. Read through them and if you have more, reach out!

About MOYU

What are MOYU’s plans for the future?

There is a dire need for change within the paper industry on a global scale, and we want to do something about it. We decided to launch stone paper notebooks within The Netherlands to reduce paper waste, but we want more. We want to raise global awareness of the urgency to hack away at single-use paper and transition towards an industry in which stone paper is the new worldwide norm by making MOYUs available in all countries. Want to be a part of this change? Become a shareholder in MOYU.

About MOYU

What does MOYU mean?

MOYU originates from the idea of making a modular notebook that lasts for the rest of your life. The word is an abbreviation for Modular, with a beautiful extra layer that in Chinese MO stands for “magical” and YU for “place”. For us, this magical place refers to the world full of green we wish our planet to be. And we hope to contribute to this world by making our reusable stone paper notebooks.

About MOYU

What is MOYU’s mission?

Our love for nature and our desire to conserve it has set us on a mission to hack away at single-use paper and reforest our planet. More on MOYU's mission.

About MOYU

Where is MOYU located?

MOYU headquarters are in Amsterdam, where it all started. View contact details.
If you’re looking for the nearest store that sells our erasable stone paper products, check out our MOYU store locator.

About MOYU

Who is on your team?

Our team consists of authentic and unique #stonepaperwarriors. When recruiting for talent, we are always on the lookout for intrinsically motivated people that want to make a difference as we contribute to a greener world. Meet the MOYU team.

Stone Paper

How is stone paper produced?

Limestone, a waste product of the marble mining industry and one of the most available resources in the world, is collected and ground into stone dust. This dust is bound with HDPE, melted, and pressed into sheets. These stone paper sheets have a cradle-to-cradle certificate, which means they are much easier to recycle, aka more eco-friendly, since it needs shorter recycling cycles due to the fact that the stone paper contains no “fibers”. More about stone paper.

Stone Paper

Is stone paper eco-friendly?

Stone paper is extremely eco-friendly since the core material is limestone, a widely available material. It means that two of the most important resources on the planet - trees and water - are not needed to produce paper sheets. More about stone paper.

Stone Paper

What is stone paper?

Stone paper consists of 80% limestone dust, 20% HDPE plastic, and a special coating that is applied to make it print-ready. What's magical about stone paper production is that no trees, water, or chemicals are used, it requires 85% less energy, and it produces 65% less CO2 emissions.

Stone Paper

Why is stone paper better than tree-pulp paper?

Stone paper notebooks rock the Life Cycle Assessments with a 6,3% compared to single-use paper notebooks! It means that if you calculate the CO2 emissions equivalent, MOYU is almost 20 times less polluting than using a regular tree-pulp paper notebook. More about stone paper.

How to MOYU

Can I recycle my MOYU notebook when it wears out?

The best part of a MOYU is that the stone paper is 100% recyclable. You just need to make sure the stone paper makes its way back to the factory for another life. Is your notebook older than 5 years old? See how to give your MOYU a second life.

How to MOYU

Can I use regular pens to write in my MOYU notebook?

No, a special MOYU notebook needs a special MOYU pen that contains erasable PILOT Frixion ink. You could write on your MOYU with a regular pen, but only for things you will not need to erase. For example, you could draw a canvas on a page using a pen, then write in it and erase as many times as you want using your MOYU pen. Need to refill your pen? Buy extra MOYU pen refills.

How to MOYU

How do I wipe the ink off my notebook?

If you want to harness the power of erasing stone paper, take your MOYU cloth, aka magical ink wiping device, dampen it with water, and wipe the ink away. And, if you happen to be someone who tends to be stuck without water when you need it the most, we recommend you stick on your MOYU one of our mini water sprays.

How to MOYU

How does MOYU work?

It's simple. You take one of our erasable stone paper notebooks and write on it with a MOYU pen. When you are ready to write something else, you erase the ink with a damp cloth and start writing on it all over again. If you want to save your notes, we recommend you use one of the free scanning apps. More on how to MOYU.

How to MOYU

How long will my MOYU notebook last?

In theory, you can erase the pages in MOYU stone paper notebooks an endless amount of times. However, at some point, you will start to see the page quality go down. The last time we tested, we managed to erase a page 500 times before we began to see any wear. When it comes to the cover, it will depend on how carefully and intensely you use the notebook. Hardcovers tend to last 2-3 years, while the premium hardcovers go up to 5 years. Curious about the different cover designs? Take a look at our erasable notebook collections.

How to MOYU

What types of pages does the notebook have?

After years of experimentation, we found the perfect page combination that varies with each notebook size. The types of pages used are to-do lists, week planners, lines, blank, dotted, and square grids. For more details per notebook type check our erasable notebook collections.

Orders & Delivery

Can I order MOYUs outside of the European Union?

Yes. However non-European countries might have import and clearing requirements. Please know you need to pay the required amount to receive your order. For the exact amounts, please ask your local tax authorities.

Orders & Delivery

Do I get a pen and cloth with my MOYU notebook?

Yes, every MOYU notebook also comes with a pen, a cleaning cloth, and a pen holder. If you are always on the move, you might want to add a mini water spray and an extra MOYU holder so you always have water around to erase. 

Orders & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on where you want your order delivered and when you order.

Within the Netherlands, if you order before 16:00, we ship your package the same day, so expect it within one working day. If you order after 16:00, we ship your package the next working day, so expect it within two working days.

For countries within the European Union, you can expect your order to arrive within five working days. However, sometimes it takes a bit longer. We do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as possible.

For deliveries outside the European Union, please contact our customer service.

Orders & Delivery

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver webshop orders to any country within the European Union. We also deliver to countries outside the European Union, but only business or bulk orders. For more information on business or bulk deliveries please contact our sales team to request a quote.

Orders & Delivery

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary per location.

In The Netherlands

  • Orders > € 40 = Free shipping
  • Orders < € 40 = € 3,95

In European Union countries

  • Orders > € 60 = Free shipping
  • Orders < € 60 = € 5,95

For more detailed information, go to MOYU delivery & returns.

Cancellations & Returns

Can I return my MOYU product?

You can return any product that arrives damaged at no cost in exchange for a new one. If you receive a notebook and the design is not quite what you expected, you can send it back within 30 days. In this case, you are the one that takes care of the shipment costs.

Cancellations & Returns

What does it cost to return my MOYU product?

It will depend on where you live. For more detailed information, go to MOYU delivery & returns.

Cancellations & Returns

How long will it take to receive my refund?

You will receive your refund 48 hours after we receive the product you decided to return.

MOYU for Businesses

Can I personalize MOYU notebooks for my business?

Yes, that’s what we do. We love to design and produce personalized notebooks for businesses. You can send us your cover design for review. Then, depending on the type of cover, we could have it produced within 5-8 working days. But, if it’s an urgent order we could produce the notebooks within 3 working days for an extra fee. Delivery takes between 1-3 working days, depending where you are in the world. Are you interested in placing an order for personalized notebooks? Request a quote.

MOYU for Businesses

Do you offer a notebook covers design service?

Yes, our in-house designers can work with you to design a notebook cover for a fixed fee of €150. We will send you a first version of a cover design, and based on your feedback, we will create the final notebook cover design. When you confirm your order, we will start printing your notebooks. Would you like to experience the magic of writing on stone paper before you order? We completely understand. Request a sample notebook.

MOYU for Businesses

Do you offer other sustainable office supplies besides the notebooks?

Yes, we are always looking to introduce new sustainable office supplies solutions into the office space. Flip charts, notecards, desk placemats, you name it. Take a look at our MOYU office supplies.

MOYU for Businesses

Do you offer personalized Christmas packages for businesses?

Yes, we love to be part of the Christmas spirit! We can create a special Christmas box with personalized MOYU notebooks. And, if you like, we can also fill up the Christmas box with more sustainable goodies from some of the organizations we collaborate with. Want to design your Christmas box? Contact us.

MOYU for Businesses

What are the steps to personalize a business notebook?

You can either send an email to or reach out to one of our country account managers. We will send an email with our full product portfolio, including volume discounts for business orders and instructions on how to submit your cover designs. Once we confirm your cover design, we can produce your notebooks within 5-8 working days. Want to get started? Request a quote.

MOYU for Businesses

Is it possible to get a sample notebook before placing an order?

We figured you might need some extra rock-solid proof. After all, writing is believing, right? We just happen to have a sample right here with your name all over it. Just say the word. Request a sample.

MOYU for Businesses

Who do I contact to talk about Paperless Office options?

Paul Sintnicolaas is your guy for talks about moving towards a paperless office. You can find his contact details here.

MOYU for Resellers

Are there any requirements to qualify as a MOYU reseller?

The main requirement is that the values of the resellers we work with align with ours. We want that our story gets across, so we sell more than a product. Want to sell MOYUs? Get in touch with one of our country managers to receive more information. Become a MOYU reseller.

MOYU for Resellers

Do you provide Point of Sales material?

Yes. We know that the stars align when someone erases something they wrote on stone paper for the very first time. That's why we have a sample kit we share with businesses and resellers thinking of buying MOYUs. Request a sample kit.

MOYU for Resellers

Is it possible to order product samples before placing an order?

Yes. We have a sample kit for resellers thinking of buying MOYUs. Request a sample kit.

MOYU for Resellers

Where can I request prices for resellers?

You can leave your contact details, and we will send you our special discount prices for official MOYU resellers.


Do you collaborate with impact driven organizations?

We are happy to collaborate with any company that is in the business to create a more beautiful world. We work with several NGOs like WWF, Club Kakatua, Sumthing, Trees for Kenya, Friends of Usumbara, Terrawijs, COC NL, and many more. If we can create any value in generating more awareness about any topic we are happy to connect. Do you have an idea for a potential collaboration? Contact us.


Do you offer materials to teach about deforestation in schools?

Yes. We believe it’s essential to raise awareness about deforestation amongst the youth. And hopefully, more and more people will realize our need to hack away at single-use paper. Want our tested teaching materials for your classroom? Download the MOYU teaching kit.


I would love to promote MOYU, do you have a media kit?

Yes, we have a media kit for those that want to spread the word about MOYU. And if you are interested, we also have an Ambassador Program for those who wish to become a Stone Paper Warrior.


Is it possible to work with you to produce my own notebook collection?

Yes, we love to work with creatives. That’s why we have a special Artistic Collection. Basically, we give creatives like you a chance to rock their designs on our erasable notebooks. Are you interested? Submit your design.


Where do I sign up to become a MOYU brand ambassador?

So you want to become a MOYU Stone Paper Warrior? Awesome! Apply for the MOYU Ambassador Program.


How do I use my discount code?

It's easy. When you finish shopping, you go to the checkout. In the checkout, you will find your order overview with a field where you can fill in your discount code. Fill out your discount code, and if the discount code is valid, you will see the discount applied to the total price of your order.


What is the company’s Privacy Policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

If your question is not listed in our FAQ. Feel free to send us a message and we will swing back to you as soon as possible.

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