Erasable Color Markers

Sets of markers for those who want to take notetaking to the next, colorful level.

  • moyu-pilot-frixon-felt-pen-markers-set-rainbow
    Rainbow Markers

    6 colors to open up a whole world of creative notetaking.

  • moyu-pilot-frixon-felt-pen-markers-beyond-rainbow
    Beyond Rainbow Markers

    12 colors to take notetaking to the next colourful level.


Take a look at more accessories

Get all the practical & stylish sidekicks for the complete stone paper writing experience.

Pens & Refills

Pens & markers, powered by PILOT Frixion erasable ink, for the smoothest stone paper writing experience.

Choose your color
Wiping Cloths

100% microfibre stone paper wiping cloths, aka magical ink-wiping devices.

Get your cloth
Water Spray Bottles

The handiest water spray bottles around: spray, wipe, and write again.

Get your spray
Pen & Spray Holders

Strong & sturdy holders so you always have your pen and spray at hand to rock your notes.

Choose your color
Notebook Sleeves

Recyclable felt from written-off uniforms and old textiles turned into fun-ctional sleeves.

Choose your favorite
Divider Tabs

Click-on color tabs to divide your notebooks or agendas into clear sections.

Get your tabs