Sustainable Office Supplies

Stone paper rewritables to move towards a paperless office.

  • moyu-productivity-tools-master-planner
    Master Planner

    All planning templates you need to not miss a single beat.

    €9,95 - €14,95
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  • moyu-sustainable-notecards
    Erasable Notecards

    Erasable stone paper notecards for endless, rock-solid creativity.

    €24,95 - €35,95
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  • moyu-planning-sheet-to-do-list
    To-Do List

    Wide open space for your heavy duty action planning.

    €7,95 - €12,95
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  • moyu-planning-sheet-month-planner
    Month Planner

    A flexible, erasable agenda to shuffle your busy schedule.

    €7,95 - €12,95
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  • moyu-productivity-tools-3-idea-lists
    Ideas List x3

    A tiny writing surface for random moments of inspiration.

    €5,95 - €10,95
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  • moyu-productivity-tools-grid-grinder
    Grid Grinder

    Brainstorming freedom for the technical and mathematical gurus.

    €9,95 - €14,95
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  • moyu-productivity-tools-3-to-do-lists
    To-Do List x3

    All your to-do tasks at the reach of your fingertips.

    €5,95 - €10,95
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  • moyu-productivity-tools-3-shopping-list
    Shopping List x3

    All you need to buy on your trips to the store will be in the palm of your hand.

    €5,95 - €10,95
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  • moyu-productivity-tools-sustainable-business-model-canvas
    Business Model Canvas

    The ideal erasable canvas for all business pivoting masters.

    €9,95 - €14,95
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  • erasable-euro-2024-calendar-english
    New Arrival!
    EURO 2024 Calendar

    Stone-paper version of old-fashioned tournament tracker.

    €9,95 - €14,95
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  • Workshop-Kit-with-no-extras
    Workshop Kit

    Erasable notebooks and notecards for rock-solid creativity.

    €75,00 - €95,00
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  • moyu-sustainable-flipstone-sheets
    MOYU Flipstone Sheets

    Stone paper sheets with 6 holes to fit on almost any flipchart.

    €29,95 - €49,95
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  • moyu-sustainable-flipchart-for-stone-paper-sheets
    MOYU Flipstone

    Erasable stone paper flipchart to revolutionize team sessions.


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