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Wiping Cloths

Ink Wiping Cloth

Ink Wiping Cloth

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Keep your writing surface flawlessly clean with this 100% microfibre stone paper wiping cloth, aka magical ink wiping device: write, wipe, and rewrite.

Machine Wash

Wash at a max temperature 30°C


Quick Dry

Microfibre dries in minutes

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Cloth Size

The magical ink wiping device comes in one colour and one size for all notebooks, notepads, notecard, agenda, productivity and colourings sheets. And one XL size for extra-large writing surfaces, aka the MOYU Flipstones.

Notebook cloth

✓ Color: Grey

✓ Size: 18 x 15 cm

Flipstone cloth

✓ Color: Black

✓ Size: 39 x 39 cm

✓ Weight: 46.4 grams

How to use

Wiping cloth is made of quick dry microfibre. And, you can wash it in the machine at max 30°C.

Damp your cloth

Small drops of water is all it takes to activate this magical ink wiping device. Don't soak the cloth in water!

Wipe the ink away, let the surface dry for a few seconds and start writing again.

Use MOYU spray

Spray some water directly on the stone paper surface. Just a little bit will do. Wipe the ink clean, let the surface dry for a few seconds and write all over again.


Delivery costs


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Rest of the world

We aren't yet shipping outside of the EU. BUT you can check on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms to see if they have MOYU notebooks in stock.

Delivery timelines

Within the Netherlands

Ordered before 16:00 → We ship your order the same day. You will receive it within one working day.

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Outside the Netherlands

It depends → You can expect your order to arrive within five working days. However, sometimes it takes a bit longer. We do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as possible.

Do you have any questions about your order? Send us an email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our Return Policies

We can only think of two reasons why you would send your MOYU back. One, you don't like the product, or two, the product arrived damaged. Either one rarely happens, but you might be one of the exceptions.

Damaged product returns

Let's say your product arrives damaged. Then it goes without saying you can send it right back, and we will send you a brand new notebook free of charge.

Not happy returns

Is your product not what you expected, or do you want a different color or design? Then you can return your order within 30 days of the purchase date, and we'll swap it for free. In this case, you pay for the shipping costs. The price is the same as the shipping fee.

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