MOYU Impact Editions

Custom notebooks, co-created with partners, to support initiatives which align with our values.

  • recycled-plastic-notebook-A5-front-cover

    One-of-a-kind notebook made from old fashion train schedules.

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  • dennis-storm-minimalism-week-planner-A5-front-cover
    Minimalism Planner

    Keep your schedule tidy and neat year in and year out.

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  • dennis-storm-minimalism-notebook-A5-front-cover
    Minimalism Notebook

    Steal the show with the beauty of minimalist design.

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  • moyu-impact-notebook-A5-pride-julia-gazenbeek
    Julia Gazenbeek

    Designed by Julia Gazenbeek for the LBGT+ community.

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  • dennis-storm-minimalism-workbook-A5-front-cover
    Minimalism Workbook

    Twelve assignments to adapt a minimalistic lifestyle.

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  • moyu-impact-notebook-A5-pride-rainbow
    Rainbow Pride

    Love, color, and inclusivity. In honor of Pride Amsterdam.

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Explore our impact editions

We work with organizations that support initiatives which align with our values. MOYU 💚 good causes!

Minimalistic Lifestyle
Dennis Storm Edition

Eco-friendly stone paper notebooks, agendas, and workbooks for a minimalistic lifestyle.

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Upcycle Waste
Recycled Plastic Edition

Upcycled old fashion train schedules turned into sturdy, one-of-a-kind notebook covers.

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No Discrimination
Pride Notebooks Edition

Designed by Dutch illustrators in honor of the LGBT+ community and Pride Amsterdam.

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